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Method of Pre-Establishing Print-to-Die Registry When Re-threading the Feeder   SB 090.1

Service Bulletin: SB 090.1

Subject: Method of Pre-Establishing Print-to-Die Registry When Re-threading the Feeder


1. While machine is running with good register stop the machine.

2. Jog the machine so that the segmented feed rolls have just completed a web advance.

3. Locate a pre-printed register mark on the web in the area of the curved plate on the back of the feeder. The web should be tight against the curved plate.

4. Mark on the curve plate the location of a register mark.


5a. When re-threading the feeder cut the leading edge of the web to an arc approximately along the bottoin radius of the cup blank, or the cut-off knife for straight edge blanks.

5b. Position the feeder’s top segmented-.roll at the end of its in-feed cycle, and separate the rolls.

5c. Place the web into the feeder’s top edge guides and position a register mark in line with the locating mark established in step 4.

6. Start the machine and the art work for the cups should be in register with the die within two or three cycles of the start-up, thereby giving a minimum of start up waste.