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Improved Top Side Seam Sealing   SB 091.1

Service Bulletin: SB 091.1

Subject: Improved Top Side Seam Sealing


When cup stock having a hold out coating like clay is used for printing or graphic purposes an improved side seam seal can often be gained by coating the board in the area of the side seam with a primer. Also, as a general aid to improve top side seam sealing on standard cup stock either uncoated or poly laminated. The primer helps to negate variances in surface coating or poly laminations.

Complete specifications for applying Morton Chemical’s Adcote 1544-M solution follows:


DESCRIPTION: Water based primer for improved adhesion of polyethylene or polypropylene extrusion coatings to paper.

LBS/GAL: 8.5 (1 Kg/Liter)
VISCOSITY: 28 sec., #3 Zahn

USE ADCOTE 1544-M is used on smooth finished calandered or coated papers. Adhesion is improved even with coating weights as low as 3-5 lbs. of polyethylene. Use of primer eliminates bond variations due to changes in paper surfaces. Principal uses are in polyethylene coated paper stocks for cups, milk cartons, bag liners, and unit portion packs for hygroscopic powders.

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: Dilute ADCOTE 1544-M to desired solids level usually ten to one with water. Add 0.5% Calgon Solution Sodium Hexemeta Phosphate RS adjusted,approximately 1/2 teaspoon per gallon or 0.7 cc per liter.

PRIMING PROCEDURE: Apply diluted primer to paper using any type of coater that will meter to proper amount.

Apply 0.01 – .05 dry lbs. (.02 – .08 g/m ) per ream (3,000 sq. ft.)
When applied in proper amount, primer is non-blocking and priming can be in-line with the cup machine.