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Posidyne Brake — Clutch System   SB 092.1

Service Bulletin: SB 092.1

Subject: Posidyne Brake — Clutch System


All cup and container machines supplied since 1977 included an air actuated brake/clutch system for the main drive motor.

Failure to supply the correct amount of air will cause the drive clutch disc to slip while the drive train is increasing its revolutions up to the pre-set machine speed. This “slippage” will cause serious damage to the brake/clutch dii-sc.

It is suggested that operators be advised and possibly some form of cautionary sign be placed at the operator’s station in this regard. The ultimate loss of the brake/clutch effectiveness by damaging the discis dangerous to the operator and the machine.

It is important that operators understand that they should not push the “RUN” button on start up of the machine until it’s reached operating speed.