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Ring Heater Hot Rimming Head   SB 094.1

Service Bulletin: SB 094.1

Subject: Ring Heater Hot Rimming Head


Due to a tolerance change by the manufacturer, it may be found that the A20XX ring heater used on all Hot Rimming Head assemblies will prevent the Hot Curl Tool from being seated against its mounting surface inside Housing 22445-D, or cause the heater to be loose between the Curl Tool’s pilot face, and the Insulator Gasket 82216-A.

When installing a new heater, check for the conditions described. If the Curl Tool mounting flange shows a gap, the face of the pilot diameter should be machined down an amount equal to the measured gap.

If the new heater can not be clamped against the Insulator, place steel shims behind the Insulator to remove the play or gap.

To avoid this problem in the future, the Hot Rimming Station has been redesigned so as to secure the Ring Heater to the face of the Curl Tool with a clamping washer as shown on the enclosed assembly 38612-D.

All future Hot Curl Tools will have provisions for the Clamp Washer Screw as well as having vent holes provided in the Curl Tool body. Whenever existing Curl Tools need to be installed in machines delivered after March 1984, they can possibly be locally reworked to provide for the new mounting of the ring heater. Contact PMC engineering for assistance if needed.

With the introduction of this mounting change, the Thermo-switch normally provided in the assembly is eliminated. The warm-up and operating temperature control of the curl tool will now be with the solid state temperature control provided in the main console.

This Station Assembly change will be effective ‘with machines delivered after March 1984, and designated as G-1000-VII-XXXXX-7060.