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Test or Alignment Fixtures for all PIVIC Machines   SB 095.1

Service Bulletin: SB 095.1

Subject: Test or Alignment Fixtures for all PIVIC Machines


Whenever it is necessary to establish the alignment of the bottom forming stations, or on large frame machines (ie GX-Gl250-PMC 1500 -PMC 3000), the alignment of rimming stations to their respective turrets a precision alignment fixture should be used.

PMC engineering has designed a set of fixtures for each PMC machine consisting of a mandrel which is bottled to the turret, and a sleeve placed over the mandrel body. The reference pilot diameter of any working station can then be located as to its relative location to the turret centerline with an indicator mounted to the sleeve.

A fixture set including the Mandrel Stem and Sleeve required as well as a suitable dial indicator and mounting stud are available as described:


G-1000    MT115	& MT424
GX-1000	  MT125	& MT744 & MT746
G-1250	  MT125	& MT744 & MT745
PMC-1500  MT746	& mT744 & MT747
PMC-3000  MT745	& MT744 & MT747

Prices are firm for sixty days and then are subject to change.

Special Allowance:

For orders received prior to August 1, 1984 a one time allowance of ten percent will be allowed as we expect to manufacturer a quantity on this initial release.