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Handle Gluer Head Assembly   SB 096.1

Service Bulletin: SB 096.1

Subject: Handle Gluer Head Assembly


The original spring valve gluer can be replaced with a foam pad type gluer application.

We are pleased to offer our latest design “foam” type gluer head for the PMC Handle Machine. This method of adhesive application recently was given a U.S. Patent 4,386,576 for our glue seal cup machine line. The system is directly applicable to our Handle Machine having a punch through type handle. That is, a design in which only the center strip between the handles is glued to the body of the cup, and the finger holes in the handles are cut out completely. This is per handle design 34042A

The existing handle gluer head uses a series of spring loaded valve stems, these are replaced by the new gluer head, and its supporting hardware. The pressure tank and regulators used to supply adhesive are also replaced and a electronic valve system is used to regulate the adhesive to the new gluer head.

This design applies a thin film of adhesive to the handle rather then a series of dots of glue. The film insures more positive adherence of the handle to the cup body. The foam pad has extended life and is readily replaced with precut urethane foam strips. For ease of replacment, two gluer head assemblies are supplied which allows one to be used while the other is having the foam replaced.

The complete set of parts, including two gluer bodies, pressure tank, regulator, valving, and basic recommended spare parts.

1) If more then one handle machine is to be revised additional sets of parts are available.

2) Customer needs to return six sample handles of current design along with their order for design analysis. For orders received within forty-five days of this bulletin a five percent price allowance will be given. Delivery is currently seven weeks from receipt of order.

3) Handle designs having glued down ears as well as a center strip can have their die modified to punch through the ‘ears’ so as to use the newtype gluer head. If a Handle die is returned, we can revise the die assembly on a time and material basis.

4) Some adhesives found to be satisfactory with the foam pad system include:


Industrial Adhesive Company
Chicago, Illinois, USA ————– N35-701

Finley Adhesives Inc.
Brookfield, Wisconsin, USA ———- X4-67559-04

Henkel Adhesive
Dusseldorf, West Germany ———– A7093
Henkel Corporation
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA