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Sidewall Rollstand Brake Linings Assembly   SB 100.1

Service Bulletin: SB 100.1

Subject: Sidewall Rollstand Brake Linings Assembly


It has come to our attention that Horton Air Brakes may have been supplied to PMC by Horton with the wrong brake linings. The improper lining has too much friction and can cause the sidewall web to feed improperly into the cup machines.

The proper lining (“LOCO” lining) can be identified by its color, metal gray, and by the black residue that is evident when touched by hand; also, the proper lining is in two pieces. The improper lining is a single disc and is a brownish cork color.

Should you find after inspection that you have the wrong lining, you can order replacements through Paper Machinery Corporation. The part number is listed below. Upon receipt of your order PMC will ship the correct part and invoice in the amount due. When the incorrect lining is returned a credit will be made for the invoiced amount.

Part Required: one (set Loco Lining Pads) Part No. 827472