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Bottom Stock Lower Meter Roll Tooling Drive Sprocket   SB 102.1

Service Bulletin: SB 102.1

Subject: Bottom Stock Lower Meter Roll Tooling Drive Sprocket


All future tooling sets supplied for the G/PMC or GX-1000 series will require the use of a commercial Trans Torque coupling to attach the supplied drive sprocket to the lower bottom stock meter roll as identified on the referenced assemblies.

By eliminating the existing key drive and using a Trans Torque this will prevent experienced keyway washout on the shaft. Keyway failure requires complete replacement of the shaft and meter roll assembly at significant cost.

To install new sets of tools on machines having a serial number ending in 7100 or lower series (i.e. G-1000-XXXX-7100 or lower) a Manhein Trans Torque number 3/4 I.D. x 1-1/2 O.D. needs to be installed on the drive shaft after removing the key.

Earlier tooling sprockets can be re-bored from the original .750″ (19.05mm) bore diameter to 1.497N/1.503″ (38.02/38.18mm) diameter. Indicate existing bore concentric then re-bore so that finished bore is still concentric to the sprocket teeth.

Otherwise, when using the older tooling the Trans Torque is removed and the drive key placed into the shaft keyway.

Trans Torque 3/4 I.D. x 1-1/2 O.D. are available.