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Improved Sidewall Feeder Adjustment   SB 104.1

Service Bulletin: SB 104.1

Subject: Improved Sidewall Feeder Adjustment


Previously, when making tooling conversions on roll fed Pmc machine it was necessary to use a sling and an overhead crane or fork truck to lift the sidewall feeder. This feeder height adjustment is required to allow the feeder height to match the new sidewall die height if the tool change is a complete change, i.e. mandrel Diameter Change.

PMC is now offering a method for making this height adjustment which utilizes the height adjustment brackets in place of the cumbersome crane/sling arrangement. See attached sketch. These height adjustment brackets are mounted beneath the sidewall feeder side plates and support the sidewall feeder using two 1/2-20NF x 4-1/2 long Hex Head Cap screws – Item (2).

In order to adjust the sidewall feeder height, loosen the sidewall frame gib bolts item (1) and rotate the adjustment screws (2).

The attached sketch gives the mounting instructions and positioning information required.

Important Notes:
1) After adjusting the feeder height leave the adjusting bolt (2) in contact with the feeder sideplate with the jam nuts (3) locked. This will prevent a sudden drop of the feeder when the gib bolts (1) are loosened during the next tool change.

2) When locating the height position of the adjustment brackets, use the lowest feeder position (largest mandrel diameter). For the tooling used on that machine. This will allow for full adjustability through all tool sets used.

3) The Feeder Drive Guard will require a cut-out to allow clearance for the left hand height adjustment bracket no. 49923-B.