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Main Drive Brake — Clutch System   SB 105.1

Service Bulletin: SB 105.1

Subject: Main Drive Brake — Clutch System


For almost ten years PMC has included an Air Clutch system on the main drive brake.

The original factory setting for the clutch is established at initial run-in and at the operating machine cycles (cpm) for the tools installed. on no-tool machines the clutch air pressure is set at approximately 50 PSI (3.5 Kg/CM2) for the 02-1/2A model posidyne and at 45 PSI (3.1 Kg/Cm2) for the 03 model.

When the machine is installed the air supply to the Clutch is established at a maximum of 80 PSI (5.6 KG/Cm2). The machine is then placed in the run mode at the desired cups per minute. With the machine cycling at this speed back-off the low pressure air regulator until the clutch slips. Then increase the pressure approximately 5 PSI (0. 35K9/642). if the clutch still slips check for cause of excessive torque such as mechanical interference during index or on older previously run machines for worn clutch parts.

This procedure needs to be re-checked on a scheduled basis during production. It is suggested once every month be the practice. Also, any time the machine speed is changed the operating pressure must be re-established.

When starting a machine having a Clutch System, it is very important that the initial “Start-Run” button be held at least until the first cup is ejected from the machine to sure the machine is at full operating speed. Releasing the run button earlier will cause slippage of the drive train and do serious damage to the clutch disc.

IMPORTANT: Failure to follow these guide lines can cause excessive damage to the machine in case of an emergency stop. If such damage occurs during the machine warranty period the resulting damage will not be covered by PMC’s warranty.