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Increased Bottom Seal Pre-Heat Capacity   SB 114.1

Service Bulletin: SB 114.1

Subject: Increased Bottom Seal Pre-Heat Capacity


It may be found on poly cups or containers having a finished bottom depth greater than .312 (8.Omm) that additional lower radius preheat is beneficial in allowing a lower operating temperature at the Bottom Heat Gun station. The lower temperature setting will increase heater life in the gun assembly.

To obtain these advantages the pre-heat bottom heat gun assembly can be revised to use a 6000 watt heater element in place of the current 3600 watt unit. The larger 600OW unit will operate more efficiently increasing heater life in the assembly. To use the larger wattage heater requires a new element housing assembly.

The parts for the new assembly are available along with reference installation information.

If currently a cup or container requires the lower pre-heat heater to operate over
900 &Mac251;F (480 &Mac251;C), it is recommended the change described be installed.