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Noise Reduction   SB 115.1

Service Bulletin: SB 115.1

Subject: Noise Reduction


Installation of sound guard on sidewall feeder.

A new sidewall feeder sound enclosure is now available for all 1000 Series (G-PMC-GX) and 1250 Series.

Tested and proven in field applications, the system includes a sound absorbing cover over the segmented feed rolls and around the back snap drum. The enclosures are hinged for ease of opening for web threading and jam clearing.

Special foam insulation material is used in the enclosures and material is supplied to be placed inside the rear snap drum.

When installed on a machine having a PMC in-line printer, there must be a minimum of 12-1/2 (317.5mm) clearance from the snap drum face and the printer rollers. If less, PMC engineering must be contacted for new printer drive belt and it’s installation.

One (1) complete set of sound guards and installation instructions

G-PMC-1000 --------- S
GX-1250 ------------ S