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Improved Bottom Stock Lubricator System   SB 116.1

Service Bulletin: SB 116.1

Subject: Improved Bottom Stock Lubricator System


An improvement to the bottom stock felt lubricator system is now available.

The new design brings mineral oil from the top curl oil reservoir through a check valve and a manual metering valve. The amount of lubricant fed to the felt wiper pad can then be controlled to provide minimum lubricant for bottom drawing.

This design eliminates the lube reservoir bottle over the tape f eed. It makes web threading easier and precludes oil from being spilled into the bottom maker as sometimes experienced when re-filling the reservoir. Another advantage is the elimination of the electrical solenoid connections now used.

The feed line from the top curl lube tank is directed to the check valve by one of two methods depending on the top curl applicator system in use. See sketch below.

Models using a spray Tamper/Lube: Install tee fitting on side of lub tank.

Models using a felt pad lubricator: Connect oil line to supplied manifold

NOTE: When ordering specify for Spray or Felt Lube Unit, machine model and serial number.