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Sidewall Web Tension Control   SB 118.1

Service Bulletin: SB 118.1

Subject: Sidewall Web Tension Control


Now standard on all roll feed machines is an automatic tension control unit for the sidewall roll. This ultrasonic sensor unit is mounted at the front of the sidewall stand and is aimed to the centerline of the rollstock. Initial tension or web “drag” is established, and as the roll diameter decreases the tension is automatically adjusted uniformally as the roll diameter decreases.

When a different width or weight (BRW/GSM) paper is used the tension unit is reset.

The control of web tension is a major advantage for both pre-printed and in-line printing systems.

The installation includes a front idler roll assembly which handles web fed from the top of roll or the bottom. The tension sensor is readily set to read web from either direction.

All parts required, installation and operating instructions are available