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Converters using the PMC Glue Seal Systems   SB 122.1

Service Bulletin: SB 122.1

Subject: Converters using the PMC Glue Seal Systems


We have revised our tubular heater standard for glue seal systems to provide a selection of heater wattage. The lower wattage that can be used allows for maximum heater life.

Converters have found a heater of 800 watts has an improved life as compared to the 1200 watt unit normally used. The 800 watt unit will be the PMC standard on future 1000 Series glue seal machines.

It is also recommended that the Tubular Heater Clamp, #25829-A be replaced with’a thicker plate manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel.

All parts recommended are:


1200 Watt                     25850-B
1000 Watt                     29315-B
800 Watt                      67110-B
Heater Clamp                  25829-A- Rev. A

Whatever wattage heater is used the heater must continue to be installed per Service Bulletin 56-11-78.