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Cycle Stop for Rotary Blank Fed Machines   SB 123.1

Service Bulletin: SB 123.1

Subject: Cycle Stop for Rotary Blank Fed Machines


The cycle stop retrofit option offers the following benefits:

  • Allows the cup machine to be stopped in cycle mode which leaves the machine free of partially formed cups and ready to cycle start. This eliminates the time required to clear the partially formed cups.
  • The cycle stop mode stops the machine at mid-index keeing the mandrel away from the heat stations which avoids burnt shells and heating of the mandrels.
  • Provides cycle start which eliminates jogging of the machine to properly position the sidewall to bottom relationship.

We recommend that a PMC service technician be contracted to perform this conversion. Approximately forty hours per machine will be required.

The machine serial number will be required with your purchase order so that the electrical drawings can be changed by our electrical engineering department.

The cycle stop retrofit package will include the electrical and mechanical parts required, electrical schematics for each machine and assembly instructions.