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Lower Base Door "Z" Strips   SB 125.1

Service Bulletin: SB 125.1

Subject: Lower Base Door "Z" Strips


Because contamination of the lower base main oil will cause damage to the cams and cam followers, upper base oils need to be prevented from getting into the lower base. One of the aids currently being employed on the machines is addition of “Z” strips to the lower base doors.

These strips direct the oil over the lower base side rails and onto the floor. They can easily be added to existing machines and are available from the service department.

The addition of the tamper style lubricator from service bulletin number 112-8-89 will greatly reduce the upper base oil overspray. Sealing any openings to the lower base and adding these “Z” strips will greatly increase the chances of the lower base main oil retaining all its needed properties to the recommended oil change period.

Because the 5EP rating of the oil is critical to prevent wear on the index cams and the cam followers, we do recommend that the oil be monitored between oil changes and tested, if not changed, when it becomes suspect.

The following are replacement parts for the “Z” strip assembly;


The “z” strips will have to be cut to fit.