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Mobil Oil Product Code Numbers   SB 128.1

Service Bulletin: SB 128.1

Subject: Mobil Oil Product Code Numbers


CAUTION: If you are planning on using Mobil Oil products in your PMC machines you need to know that Mobil Oil Company uses oil descriptions that are very similar in wording from one product to another. The synthetic oil used on most PMC machines is Mobil Oil Synthetic Gear SHC series 220 using product code number 61080-8. This product code number is the most accurate method of identifying the correct oil so that it has the necessary 5 EP rating.

The 5 EP rating is essential to maintain reduced wear of the index cams and cam followers. This 5 EP rating is the oil property that reduces the ability of the oil to be forced from between the two surfaces when the index cam is in contact with the cam followers, especially during indexing.

On older PMC machines that were using standard grade oils, the correct Mobil brand oil is Mobil Gear 630 with product code number 61087-3. This oil still maintains that 5 EP rating and also should not be changed to a less expensive oil.

No matter whose brand of oil you chose to use, it is imperative that it have that 5 EP rating. If there is a question regarding your oil, please contact the service department at Paper Machinery Corporation.