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Lower Drive Inspection   SB 130.1

Service Bulletin: SB 130.1

Subject: Lower Drive Inspection


Remove the oil from the oil pan, lower the pan and inspect the entire lower drive on the PMC-1001 every 2000 hours. Check the cam followers for size and replace them if they are undersize by .0015″ or greater. Inspect the cam tracks (both sides) on the three index cams and the bronze gear for any signs of wear.

Wipe the inside of the oil pan clean and check for any foreign particles while it is being cleaned. Check the magnets for excessive amounts of magnetic particles and clean, if necessary. Remove and clean the main oil filter. With the oil pan back in its operating position, refill the machine with the oil you removed, if it is prior to the oil change period.
If it was time for the oil change, replace the oil with new, clean oil.

CAUTION: Make sure to filter the oil being pumped back into the machine.