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Sidewall Roll Feed Die — Hoist Assembly   SB 142.1

Service Bulletin: SB 142.1

Subject: Sidewall Roll Feed Die — Hoist Assembly


Paper Machinery Corporation is pleased to be able to offer a sidewall die hoist assembly for each of our cup forming machine models. The sidewall die hoist can be purchased with any new machine order, or as a retrofit unit on any existing paper cup-forming machine, regardless of vintage. Installation instructions are included with each kit. The customer can complete the installation of the hoist. With a hoist installed, one can remove and install the sidewall blanking die assemblies. This can be done without the need for a forklift truck, or the accessibility needed when using the forklift truck  To make removal and installation of the sidewall blanking dies assembly easier, you will need the following assemblies:

For the PMC-750/1250:

For the PMC-1000: