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Bottom Finish Station Retro-Fit — Ramp Style   SB 144.1

Service Bulletin: SB 144.1

Subject: Bottom Finish Station Retro-Fit — Ramp Style


The ramp style bottom finish station was designed to reduce the maintenance costs, down time, and improve the quality of the cup seal. It has accomplished all of these things far better than was originally thought possible. The early units tested and operated for over two years with no repair and almost no adjustments from the original settings.

The pressure delivered to the cup is higher than the lever station and does not cause wear in the station itself. This helps to eliminate channel leakers and produce a better looking cup for the market. Paper Machinery Corporation has been so well pleased with the results that the ramp style bottom finish station that it is now on the new PMC-1000 and PMC-1250 machines.

The increased cost can easily be recovered by the lower maintenance costs, the decreased downtime and the higher quality product being produced. Currently you are probably rebuilding your lever style stations about every six months; that will be extended past two years with fewer parts requiring change. This station can also handle the higher machine speeds as seen on the PMC-1001.

In order to give you an accurate price we will need the serial numbers of the machine or machines you wish to update.

For any questions regarding prices and availability, contact Paper Machinery Corporation Service Department.