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Sidewall Servo Feeder Benefits — Compared to Mechanical Indexing System with EMP Registration   SB 145.1

Service Bulletin: SB 145.1

Subject: Sidewall Servo Feeder Benefits — Compared to Mechanical Indexing System with EMP Registration


We would like to recommend going from mechanical indexing to a servo sidewall feeder for the following reasons:

The servo sidewall in-feed system is used to index roll fed sidewall blanks into the cutting die of the PMC machines. The servo indexing system replaces the mechanical indexer that uses segmented feed rolls to move the paper into the cutting die. The servo indexing system provides several advantages as compared to the mechanical indexing system:


1. Electronic Sidewall Registration Control:
Electronic sidewall registration control with the servo system is far superior to the EMP registration control. With electronic registration the servo registers each blank individually. Each sidewall is registered with an accuracy of .005 inches. The mechanical indexer, EMP unit, can only advance or retard the feed-up based on the drift of the registration marks.


2. Noise Reduction
The servo indexer will operate without the slapping noise that occurs with the mechanical indexer when the metered in loop slaps against the feed-up drum as paper is fed into the cutting die by the feed rolls.


3. Electronic Feed-up Length Adjustment:
The paper feed-up length into the grippers can be adjusted through a keypad as opposed to mechanically adjusting the segmented feed rolls on the mechanical indexer. This feature will make for quick setup and changeover.


4. Better Control of the Transfer of the Sidewall into the Grippers:
With the current mechanical indexing system the sidewall is advanced when the feed rolls pinch together which yields almost infinite acceleration and deceleration as the roll stock is thrown into the grippers at the cutting die with each index. The servo indexer moves the paper into the grippers with S-curve acceleration from zero speed up to full velocity and then back to zero speed. This results in a smooth index of the sidewall into the grippers. This smooth acceleration and deceleration will improve machine efficiency with respect to down time related to the sidewall feeder, especially at higher machine speeds.


5. True Auto Start/Stop Feature for Roll Fed Machines:
The servo system will allow the machine to be started without requiring the operator to reach into the machine and pull sidewall blanks as he readies the machine for starting. The roll fed machine can be started and cycle stopped in the same easy manner as a blank fed machine.


6. No Nip Mark Indentation on the Sidewall Blanks:
The servo feed rolls are in constant contact with the roll stock and therefore will not leave the indentation that is caused by the mechanical indexer when the feed rolls nip the paper to index the paper into the cutting die.


7. Common Servo Hardware for Sidewall and Bottom Servo Feed Systems:
The servo sidewall feeder uses the same servo drive and servo motor as the servo bottom feeder system, which provides for commonality of electrical components and minimizes electrical spare parts.


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