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Folding Wing Tooling Change — Ramp Style   SB 148.1

Service Bulletin: SB 148.1

Subject: Folding Wing Tooling Change — Ramp Style


    1. Measure Distances for 101-785 washers. (Grind spacers to same thickness.)
    2. Clamp folding wing assembly in vise or on table without lower clamp. Find lockup dimension by sliding mandrel (with paper) into the folding wing until lockup. Measure the depth from the end of the wings to the mandrel. Record this dimension. Then check for tight wrap with .002″ feeler between wing and paper.
    3. Install lower clamp with .030″ setup spacers under the clamp.
    4. Slide mandrel (with paper) into folding wings to lock up dimensions.
    5. Measure the gap between lower clamp and mandrel with feeler.
    6. Add this dimension to the (.030″) shim already under the lower clamp and slide the mandrel (with paper) in wing to lock up dimension.
    7. Rock the folding wings side to side. If they are loose, the lower clamp is low, then shim the clamp .001″ at a time and repeat steps 6 & 7. If they are tight (the lower clamp will not rock on the mandrel) step 8.
    8. Check with .002″ feeler for a tight wrap all around the mandrel.

      Note: If wings don’t rock and have a loose wrap on the bottom (by lower clamp) of the wings, the lower clamp is shimmed too high. Remove .001″ shims (one at a time) and repeat steps 6, 7 & 8. If OK, go to step 9.

    9. Grind the lower clamp spacers (102-010) to shim dimension and install under the lower clamp. Re-check for tight wrap.
    10. Put the wings on the machine without (102-035) bottom spacer. Wrap the wings around the mandrel (with paper) at lockup dimension.

      Note: The folding wing actuator assembly must be in its full up position.

    11. Measure Dimension “Y” and add ½ paper caliper to that dimension and grind 102-035 bottom spacer.
    12. Install 102-035 spacer and wing assembly on the machine. Center the lower clamp on the mandrel and get lockup dimension. Then tighten down the wing assembly and recheck for a tight wrap.
    13. With paper between the clamp and the mandrel, check the lower clamping pressure.
    14. Measures the distance marked “X” and grind the spacer 102-288 and 102-289. Then install.
    15. Grind to fit 101-784 washers for connecting the arm assembly.

      Note: If spacers are too thin or too thick, they can spring the wings a bit and result in a loose wrap condition.

    16. Connect the wings to the actuator rods with the washers and pins.
    17. Rotate the machine so the seam clamp almost touches the paper. Adjust the folding wing connecting rods to a tight wrap. Take .002″ feeler at the top edge of the wing (by the seam clamp), adjust the rod so .002″ won’t go between the wing and paper.

      Note: Don’t over travel wings. If you do, the wings will slap the mandrel when run with no paper. (i.e., start-up and cycle stop).

    18. Re check with .002″ feeler for a tight wrap.

      Note: Do not use set-up procedure on old drawing. Use this one.