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Roller Incurl Station Retrofit Kit — Additional Shaft Support   SB 182.2

Service Bulletin: SB 182.2

Subject: Roller Incurl Station Retrofit Kit — Additional Shaft Support


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Paper Machinery Corporation is pleased to offer a new retrofit package #822-853 for the roller incurl station on PMC-1002 machines. This retrofit package will maintain tooling plug shaft alignment and will fit all machines produced from 2030-1 thru 2120-10. Prior to ordering the retrofit package you must check the part number, stamped on the roller plate. A new #315-519 (#23) roller plate will need to be ordered with the retrofit only if the existing part number is different. Installation of the retrofit parts should follow instructions on assembly bulletin A-1.

  1. Pack bearings with grease using Chevron Rykon Grease (Premium NLGI 2 EP or equivalent).
  2. Mount bearings (items 41, 85) and seal (item 86) into their respective housings.
  3. Install the housings into the correct location over the spindle (item 22).
  4. With the spindle, bearings, and seal in the correct position, tighten jam lock nut (item 72) to torque specification 45 ft-lb onto spindle.
  5. Slide the tooling plug shaft (item 19) into spindle (item 22). Shaft should slide and spin freely in the spindle.
  6. Install one 3/4-24 hex nut (item 70) and one spherical washer (item 90) onto the end of shaft by hand up to the shoulder. Spherical washer should be facing away from the bearing.
  7. Slide the bracket (item 24) over the shaft.
  8. When installing hex head cap screws and washers (item 53, 73) thru bracket (item 24) into housing (item 31), leave bolts snug.
  9. Install other spherical washer and 3/8-24 hex nut onto end of the shaft (item 19).
  10. Move both the spherical washer and nuts up against the bracket.
  11. Tighten hex nuts (item 70).
  12. Loosen up hex head cap screws (item 53) and retighten.
  13. The cover (item 28) needs clearance hole opened up to 1.00″ diameter to fit over shaft and hex nut.


Questions or ordering information may be directed to any PMC Customer Service Department representative.