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Brake on the Variable Speed Main Drive Motor   SB 188.1

Service Bulletin: SB 188.1

Subject: Brake on the Variable Speed Main Drive Motor


All computer controlled models of Paper Machinery Corporation machines are equipped with a variable speed main drive motor. On the back end of the motor is a “holding” brake that prevents the machine from moving (forward or backward) when the machine is at idle. This brake is a “holding” brake only it does not stop the machine when the “stop” command has been entered. The machine is stopped by the variable speed main drive motor controller.

To release the brake for hand-wheeling the machine, the electrical brakes have a release lever that extends from the brake housing and the air brakes have a release button on the motor corner of the machine. Failure to release the brake prior to hand-wheeling the machine can/will damage the brake because enough force can be applied to move the machine with the brake engaged.

Periodic inspection of the brake should be performed to keep it in good operating condition so that the “holding” condition exists every time the machine is at idle. CAUTION: Failure of the brake can allow the machine to move and could cause damage to the machine and/or injury to the operator.

Replacement brakes or brake parts can be purchased from PMC customer service department. Please have the machine model number, motor size and brake manufacturer information available when placing the order for faster and more accurate service.

Information and pricing for the parts listed above can be obtained by contacting the Customer Service Department at Paper Machinery Corporation. Parts orders and customer communication can now be sent directly to the service department on Fax number 414-354-1710.