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Seam Clamp Pivot Pins — Attention Maintenance Personnel   SB 190.1

Service Bulletin: SB 190.1

Subject: Seam Clamp Pivot Pins — Attention Maintenance Personnel


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PMC is supplying, at no charge, one set of replacement seam clamp mounting pins.

Due to several reports, PMC has changed the design to remove any human error incurred with the use & installation of snap and/or spiral retaining rings used with part #101-765.

Part #110-233 will be supplied to replace existing part #101-765 along with a FLEX Lock Nut (NT-11010).

Please note Flex Lock Nuts are a one-time use fastening device — if the seam clamp is ever removed, the nut must be replaced.

PMC is issuing one set per machine and recommends replacement upon receipt. Look for the arrival of these parts in your facility in the near future.

Please retain this Bulletin in your machine tooling books for future reference.

The mounting pin is a tooling related item and is common to all sets.

If more replacement pins are required, they may be purchased for $6.85 each.

Information and pricing for the parts listed above can be obtained by contacting the Customer Service Department at Paper Machinery Corporation. Parts orders and customer communication can now be sent directly to the service department on Fax number 414-354-1710.