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Drive Sprockets on Angle Drives   SB 197.1

Service Bulletin: SB 197.1

Subject: Drive Sprockets on Angle Drives


SB197-1Paper Machinery Corporation recommends, six months after the machine starts, an Initial Inspection of the two locking set screws (on the drive sprocket, located on the angle drives.) Future inspections should be annual, starting one year from the Initial Inspection date.

1. Remove the three mounting screws and end plate (#100-891) to expose the two locking set screws in the taper lock.

2. Install an Allen Wrench in the set screws and check for movement.
NOTE: The set screws have Loctite #242 on them.

3a. If the set screws move, remove them one-at-time, apply a drop of Loctite #242, and retighten.

3b. If the set screws do not move, replace end plate #100-891 (the shake proof washers), add a drop of Locktite #242 to each screw, and torque them to 45 ft-lbs, each.

4. Repeat this procedure for all three angle drives.