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(Pre)Greasing the Bottom Finish Station   SB 210.1

Service Bulletin: SB 210.1

Subject: (Pre)Greasing the Bottom Finish Station


Paper Machinery Corporation has implemented a new technique for Pre-Greasing all Ramp Style Bottom Finish Stations, purchased as a Service Order. All Ramp Style Bottom Finish Stations, purchased as a Service Order, will now be pre-greased at PMC, prior to shipping.

To Determine Whether the Station is Pre-Lubricated, proceed as follows:


  1. Filled with the recommended grease (Lubriplate 1200), attach a grease gun to Grease Fitting [A]. See Figure 1.
  2. Pump the grease gun once. Grease should come out of the Weep Hole. See Figure 2.
  3. Using the same grease gun, attach to Grease Fitting [B].
  4. Pump the grease gun once. Grease should come out between the casting and the station head (around the circumference of the station head). See Figure 2.

If the above procedure fails to produce the desired results, this would indicate that inadequate or no grease was applied to the station. Continue applying grease to the fittings until results are achieved.

NOTE: Applying grease to Fitting [A] has no effect on the station tooling; the tooling is lubricated separately. For further information on this, see Service Bulletin #184.3.


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