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Bottom Finish Tooling — Thrust Bearing, Split Flange Tooling   SB 214.2

Service Bulletin: SB 214.2

Subject: Bottom Finish Tooling — Thrust Bearing, Split Flange Tooling


Paper Machinery Corporation has developed an Assembly Procedure to help reduce fretting and premature wear on the Bottom Finish Tooling. This applies for all Thrust Bearing, Split Flange type finish tooling.

Refer to Service Instruction sheet #099.1 below for complete instructions.

This is an added procedure and does not replace any previous bulletins/set up instructions for the Thrust Style, Split Flange Tooling.

Internal wear is evident when, after checking the clearance, the reading is above 0.0013″. The factory setting for clearance between the cam on the follower is 0.0001″ – 0.0013″.

With the Clamp Ring Split Flange mounted to the Finish Roller, proceed to the following:

  1. Use a Feeler Gauge to check the gap between the Finish Roller & Clamp Ring Split Flange. See Figure 1.
  2. Grind back surface of Clamp Ring Flange to obtain 0.002″ clearance between the Clamp Ring Flange & Finish Roller. See Figure 2.
  3. Apply a thin film of Poly Rex EP 2 Grease on the mating surfaces.
  4. Reassemble.



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