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How to Replace the Rotary Head Suction Cup Timing Belt   INST 96.1

Service Bulletin: INST 96.1

Subject: How to Replace the Rotary Head Suction Cup Timing Belt


Refer to drawing #412-107 & proceed as follows:

  1. Lock out all power supply according to your company’s proper lock out procedure.
  2. Remove the Belt Guard (Item #114). See Figure 1.
  3. Remove only two (2) Frame Spacer Bars (Item #103) at a time, so as not to affect unit squarness. See Figure 2.
  4. Move the new Belt over the suction cup bars placing it on the Tran Torque. See Figure 3.
  5. Replace the two (2) Frame Spacer Bars (which were removed in step 3).
  6. Remove the other two (2) Frame Spacer Bars. This will allow the Belt to be positioned for routing.
  7. With the new Belt in position on the respective Tran Troque, follow the routing diagram in Figure 4.
  8. Replace the two (2) Frame Spacer Bars (removed in step 6).
  9. Tension the Belt using items 101, 52 and 53. See Figure 5.
  10. Re-time all Suction Cup Bars for a 30° pick position. See the instructions in the Operator & Maintenance Manual.

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