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Bottom Stock Scrap Chute   SB 113.1

Service Bulletin: SB 113.1

Subject: Bottom Stock Scrap Chute


Currently the bottom scrap chute on PMC-1250 machines leads the punched web back from the bottom punch and die housing.

For those who prefer to have the scrap come across the top of the machine, as on the 1000 Series, a new scrap chute can be provided to accomplish this. However this option is limited to bottom webs no wider then 4.50″ (114.Omm) which includes most drink cup sizes. For wider broader base containers, a special scrap chute will be quoted on request.


(1) 26818-C, Chute
(1) 45373-B, Cover
(2) 9471-A, Riser
(1) 57481-B, Switch Bracket
(1) Rotary Head with Radius Lever

– U.S. Hardware as required. for domestic.