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Break-In Period   SB 179.1

Service Bulletin: SB 179.1

Subject: Break-In Period


To all PMC-1002 customers:

Your new PMC-1002 has been designed and built according to PMC’s world class quality standards. It will provide you with many years of reliable, efficient, and trouble free production. As with all PMC’s equipment, you have been provided with a recommended

Preventive Maintenance schedule that must be adhered to in order to maintain these high standards. Additionally PMC requires that for the first 200 hours of operation, your new PMC-1002 cup machine not exceed a rate of 280 cups per minute, regardless of tooling size. After the initial break in period, the rate can be increased up to 300 cups per minute on any tooling sizes that are suitable for this speed.

Luca Dellomodarme
Vice President – Technology
Paper Machinery Corporation