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Seam Clamp Pin Retainer   SB 189.1

Service Bulletin: SB 189.1

Subject: Seam Clamp Pin Retainer



The current seam clamp pivot pin retaining ring must be replaced.

PMC part #HW-10970 (MFG #5100-37 Truarc) must be replaced using PMC part #HW-10944 (MGF #WSM-37, manufactured by Smalley, www.smalley.com).

PMC has had several reports of failures of current retaining ring. This is attributed to fatigue, overextension, and/or re-use.

All snap rings are designed for one-time use.

PMC is currently evaluating the design on the 1002 models. We ask you to replace the current item immediately to avoid any future component damage.

If replacement item is unavailable locally, please contact PMC thru our Parts Service.

Information and pricing for the parts listed above can be obtained by contacting the Customer Service Department at Paper Machinery Corporation. Parts orders and customer communication can now be sent directly to the service department on Fax number 414-354-1710.