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Bottom finish station cam housing — Vertical Shaft Locknut   SB 202.1

Service Bulletin: SB 202.1

Subject: Bottom finish station cam housing — Vertical Shaft Locknut


SB202-1Paper Machinery Corporation is pleased to offer a new vertical shaft locknut design (NT-11626 & 109-497), for the bottom finish station cam housing.

On the current bottom finish station cam housings, the Timken bearing load is set and held by locknut NT-12383 (NI-13) and lockwasher WA-10503. If the locking tab (on the lockwasher) breaks off and the locknut loosens, the Timken bearings may unload.

PMC recommends replacing locknut NT-12383 (NI-13) and lockwasher WA-10503 with clamping nut NT-11626 (photo) and spacer 109-497. This new design eliminates the lockwasher and provides a built-in locking feature.