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Internal Wear — Turret Followers   SB 212.1

Service Bulletin: SB 212.1

Subject: Internal Wear — Turret Followers


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Field reports have indicated a potential problem of the Turret Assemblies, in the Lower Drive Compartment: Internal wear of the Turret Followers. Because external inspection may appear good, internal wear can go undetected. PMC offers the following procedure on how to check for internal wear.

Internal wear is evident when, after checking the clearance, the reading is above 0.0013″. The factory setting for clearance between the cam on the follower is 0.0001″ – 0.0013″.

Step #1 : Preliminary Check Using a Feeler Gage

  1. Position the machine in center dwell.
  2. Using breaker bar & allen socket, pull one direction and relax. Refer to FIGURE 1.
  3. Using a 0.002″ feeler gage, check between the cam & the farthest follower in the direction of pull. (FIGURE 2)
    NOTE: The feeler gauge should not be allowed to roll in between the cam & follower. It may slip if excessive wear is present.
  4. Repeat this procedure for all remaining followers.

If clearance is detected proceed to “Step #2”

Step #2 : Using a Dial Indicator

  1. Use a tenth dial indicator to mount to the machine base. Position the indicator so the probe touches the inside of the cam follower, as shown in FIGURE 3.
    1. Using a breaker bar & allen socket, pull 1 direction & relax. (FIGURE 1 & FIGURE 4)
    2. Zero the indicator
    1. Pull the breaker bar in the opposite direction & relax.
    2. Observe the indicator reading. Refer toFIGURE 1 & FIGURE 4.
    3. Repeat forward & back pull/relax to verify in indicator reading.

If the indicator reading exceeds 0.002″ followers need to be replaced.


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